Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rough Panels for pre-production animation

-I've been wanting to do this comic for a while now so I was thinking on doing an animated introduction for the comic book.

-The story is about a hot rod race and Ape Monkey (the main character) is in the race. A mysterious man in the crowd rigged his car with explosives and sabotages it. His car explodes and you expect him to be dead. Next scene you see the mysterious man counting his reward for sabotaging the race. He hears a knock and the Ape Monkey barges through his door. They do a shoot off and Ape Monkey wins. Then you have the introduction of Ape Monkey while he's eating a banana.

It's a simple story but I think it's a simple enough introduction for the comic. So here are the work in progress panels. Some panels look more like a comic pages...I couldn't help it :)  

Click on the first panel for closer view and click on it for the next one.

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